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Any type of move is stressful, from cross-country moves to just down the street.

After all, you have to pack up your belongings and transfer them all — a monumental task for anyone!

Here at Gold Medal Moving, we understand the stress of moving. Our moving company based in Charleston, South Carolina, was founded to help people ease the burden and stress of moving. In addition to our comprehensive moving services, we also offer specialty item moving. Learn more below, and contact us for a free quote today!

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What is Specialty-Item Moving?

Specialty-item moving is the moving of often large, awkward items that are difficult to move without help. Some of these items include gun safes, pianos, grandfather clocks, pool tables, and valuable works of art.

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How Does Specialty-Item Moving Work?

Here at Gold Medal Moving in South Carolina, we customize our moving services to meet your needs. Oftentimes, you simply need labor moving, which is where you hire our crew to help you move these items, and you provide the truck and transportation. This gives you the manpower you need to ensure your items are not damaged in any way during the move.

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Our Specialty Item Fees

We consider any item that weighs more than 300 lbs a specialty item, which then incurs a specialty item fee of $180.

  • Pianos (48" or less)
  • Pianos (over 48")
  • Gun cabinet/safes (Under 400 lbs)
  • Gun cabinet/safes (400-600 lbs)

How Does Labor Moving Work?

Labor moving is a simple process to arrange. You simply give our South Carolina moving company a call. We'll gather the details of the specialty items you need moved and then make a recommendation for our labor moving services, which include:

  • 2 movers — $240 (2 hour minimum, $100/hr after 2 hours)

  • 3 movers — $430 (3 hour minimum, $130/hr after 3 hours)

  • 4 movers — $700 (4 hour minimum, $165/hr after 4 hours)

Our labor moving services are available for any type of move, including local and long-distance moves.

What Are The Benefits of Labor Moving?

Labor moving services can save you money because you are only hiring the moving services that you need. Since prices vary based on manpower, you are saving money by not paying for a blanket moving price, which is usually based on the average move. Many people just need a helping hand, and we're here to meet that particular need.

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Why Partner With Gold Medal Moving?

Our local, family-owned company is a small moving company that caters to our customers' every need. We work around your schedule to make moving convenient for you. We work hard to load your items as carefully and as quickly as possible. And, we treat your home with respect, being sure we cover items appropriately and don't track in mud. We pride ourselves on professionalism and common courtesy. Our moving crews are standing by to lend a helping hand. Get your free quote today!


Don't take a risk on breaking your specialty items; let our experienced crews help. We are well versed in proper moving etiquette and can pad your items appropriately, so there is no damage incurred. All too often, we've seen people try to move heavy items by themselves, and they either damage their property (picture a piano toppling over) or themselves (back strains and the like). It's just not worth the risk, the strain, the hassles, the worry, and the headaches. Call our professional moving company in South Carolina to take care of all your moving needs today!

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