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Moving across South Carolina or even out of state is already stressful, since there are several factors that go into relocating to a new house or apartment. But to add packing all your belongings and furniture on top of that, as well as cleaning up the soon-to-be vacant apartment, adds more stress on what should be a pleasant experience.

Gold Medal Moving in South Carolina, and our sister company, Christina Maid Your Day Cleaning, have the professional movers and cleaners you need to make your relocation a smooth, seamless process. Christina Maid Your Day Cleaning’s team of skilled house movers is passionate about helping college students, young adults, and families get all their belongings packed up efficiently and transported to their final destination. Learn more about our long distance moving company’s packing and cleaning services and get a free quote online now!

An Inside Look at Our Long Distance Moving Company

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Christina Maid Your Day Cleaning employs locally-owned, trustworthy house movers you can trust to carefully store all your possessions, including clothing, furniture, cookware, fragile items, and more. Our packing services are ideal for clients who are moving within the state or out of state and are looking to take a few tasks off their plates. The professional movers and cleaners at Christina Maid Your Day Cleaning are dedicated to treating our client’s belongings as if they were their own, carefully placing everything in boxes and wrapped in bubble wrap so they will safely arrive at their new home. Our moving capacity far exceeds that of other long distance moving companies, which includes items of 300 pounds.

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Benefits of Packing by Professional Movers

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Hiring professional movers to handle the acquisition of boxes and all the packing for you provide an insurmountable number of benefits. Allowing the house movers at Christina Maid Your Day Cleaning to handle your packing allows you to focus on other important moving tasks, such as changing your address, redirecting your mail, and modifying your various online accounts. Packing services from out of state moving companies also ensure your belongings are stored in the safest way possible to survive the trip to your new home; as experts in this field, we do our best to ensure nothing is broken during transit. However, the biggest benefit of choosing our packing services is eliminating the late nights and early mornings of packing before the big day!

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Why Choose House Movers Cleaning Services

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Outside our packing services, Christina Maid Your Day Cleaning is also proud to offer cleaning services to assist our clients in their relocation efforts. In partnership with Gold Medal Moving, we provide move-in and move-out cleaning services to help our clients feel more comfortable about leaving their old homes. It can be stressful to leave a home or rented apartment, especially when worrying about if the entire palace is clean enough to satisfy the landlord — but this is where the convenient cleaning services of our professional movers come in. By handling all aspects of cleaning the empty house or apartment prior to you officially leaving, we can help you fulfill your lease obligations and prevent additional charges from your landlord. Additionally, our cleaning services can help landlords prepare for their new tenants by making the entire place look and feel brand new!

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Don't take a risk on breaking your specialty items; let our experienced crews help. We are well versed in proper moving etiquette and can pad your items appropriately, so there is no damage incurred. All too often, we've seen people try to move heavy items by themselves, and they either damage their property (picture a piano toppling over) or themselves (back strains and the like). It's just not worth the risk, the strain, the hassles, the worry, and the headaches. Call our professional moving company in South Carolina to take care of all your moving needs today!

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